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Spring is Here

This is Georgie Boy, sitting on my shoulder! he's very cute!

This is Georgie Boy, sitting on my shoulder! he’s very cute!

Helen's standard wisteria - Version 2

Helen’s Standard Wisteria!


This is one of the silk prints I have finished!

This is one of the silk prints I have finished!

Hello everyone,

Spring is in the air once again! It makes you feel so good with the warmer weather coming and seeing flowers blooming in the garden.

I always feel like spring cleaning the whole house, which I will do in the next couple of weeks when time allows.

It’s school holiday time, this is  when we have our grandchildren stay, they take in turns to stay a couple of nights, which we love.

The grandchildren are really growing up, our eldest is now eighteen years, the youngest is four years. we don’t have any babies anymore and none in the foreseeable future.

How are your embroidery projects going? I have been finishing a few pieces, some are the silk printed gardens which will be appearing in magazines soon. I really enjoy stitching these! I have finished a huge quilt I have been working on over three years. Well it hasn’t been put together, that’s another major job, but all the  14 large panels have been appliquéd and embroidered.

For a change I have started knitting squares, which will be made into a throw rug eventually. My fingers are starting to cramp up with arthritis so I thought knitting will keep them exercised, hopefully!

I’ve had some problems with the website so hopefully things will improve over the months ahead!

If anyone is having trouble ordering, please let me know what the problem is and we will endeavour to correct it!

We now have a new member of our family, a budgerigar, his name is Georgie, he sits on my shoulder most of the day and makes squawking sounds when he is not out of the cage! He is only a baby, I’m teaching him to talk, I’m not sure how long it takes!

Cassie, our dog is a bit jealous of him, but she is very spoilt so she will learn to share the lime light I’m sure!

Well “Happy Stitching” all of you lovely embroiderers, keep on finishing those un- finished projects!

Best Wishes