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Welcome to the New Year 2016

Hello! welcome to my website 2016

I hope you had a festive season and had a wonderful time celebrating with your families.

My husband and I had a busy time as usual with our large family. We had two celebrations, Christmas day with our son, Greg, Colleen and two of our grandchildren, Jassy and Hugh, plus all of Colleen’s family.

The next day, (Boxing day) all of our family had a wonderful day at Grant’s place. we set his hairdressing salon up with a large table in the middle seating twenty and lots of decorations and yummy food!

The highlight of the day for the children, besides the presents, was the gingerbread house, which was made by one of my students. It was fantastic, everything except Father Xmas, the Xmas Tree and the Snowman were edible.

IMG_1456 - Version 2

They demolished it after having photographs taken, it was a bit of a shame as it was just like the cottage in the  Fairy tale books, well that’s what it was made for, to eat!

It was very hot here in Adelaide over the holidays, but it didn’t stop me from doing a bit of decorating! I wallpapered a wall in the spare bedroom and then changed my studio around! It was hard work but rewarding, I love the smell of fresh paint, plus having everything clean and fresh!


We did our fair share of baby sitting whilst the school holidays were on, now the children are back at school starting today! We have all of our children living in Adelaide now, Mark, Anna, Joslin and Leif have been transferred here from Sydney for 6 years. Mark is with the RAAF, we now have our nine grandchildren here in Adelaide, which is lovely!

I’ll be starting classes the first week in February, besides my weekly classes a big event this year will be Beating Around the Bush, an International Teaching Convention held  on the 5th of October to the 12th October, 2016. I’ll post some photo’s of the projects later!

Although it seems a long way away, I’ll be doing another cruise with Maureen and Simon Laughlin, owners of Needlework Tours. Departing from Sydney 19th April, to Singapore for 14 nights. I’ll post all the details when the brochure comes out!

Continue to stitch to your hearts content, don’t worry if you haven’t touched a piece in years, pull it out and attack it again! It’s all fun!