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Beating Around the Bush

The World’s Most Beautiful Needlework Convention

Beating Around the Bush, International Needlework Convention, is looming up fast. To be held here in Adelaide, South Australia, at Immanuel College October the 5th to 12th 2016. Here are the projects I’ll be teaching during the week!

IMG_0623Georgette Roses from Enchanted Moments

Students will be taught to construct each rose, which have separate petals added onto the centre bud.

The bud and the first few petals have a sheer ribbon worked together with the main ribbon, which gives a blush effect in the centre, then as the rose becomes larger, we omit the sheer and continue adding petals until the rose is large enough! The buds are different sizes, adding extra petals to obtain the size you want.

You will also be shown how to attach the rose to the material and add some leaves and buds.

This technique can be used to make roses in different ribbons and sizes for the future, to adorn hats, garments and boxes, as much as your imagination takes you!

KIT INCLUDES: Moire’ material( face only), Georgette satin edged ribbon, sheer blush ribbon, Rayon variegated green ribbon, threads, Pattern, needles, instructions and illustrations.






Spring Basket with Tulips, worked over a silk print!

This pretty filagree basket of Tulips and and spring bulb flowers,  are worked over a silk print. It’s a bright and cheery picture to fit into any room!

The basket is worked with a fine gold thread, whilst the flowers are stitched with  variegated ribbons. A fine ivy is drapeing at the bottom of the flowers.

This project is ideal for a beginner or embroiderers with experience,  it uses basic thread and ribbon stitches!

Kit includes: Silk Print, all ribbons, threads, gold thread. needles, instructions and illustrations.

Kit Cost: AU $115




Bowl of FlowersBowl of Flowers

Worked onto a silk print, this overbrimming bowl of flowers has many different flowers including aster, Irises, hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, clematis, roses and more. Different shaped leaves are nestled  in amongst the flowers. Single strands of threads are used to enhance and define the leaves and flowers in this suburb floral still life.

Students would benefit  being familiar with using silk ribbon, but it is not essential!

KIT INCLUDES: Silk Print, all ribbons and threads,

needles, coloured pictures, illustrations, instructions.

KIT PRICE: $ 180