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My daughter, Suzanne and granddaughter Amber.






Brooke, our eldest grandchild, she is at university, plus working part time!

Sisters, Amber 16 yrs and Brooke 19 yrs, they are both very tall and beautiful!! What would grandma say!!

Granddaughter Jasmine, playing “Tinker Bell” ice skating in a concert. She loves it and is very good winning lots of trophies!

Gareth our son, Thomas our grandson and poppa.

My family Colleen, Grant, me, Gregory and Sue celebrating the boys birthdays

Paul’s 50th birthday, with Sue who also had a birthday

Grandchildren having fun in the pool! Amber, Bebe, Jassy, Hugh, then Joslin in front!

Sophia, brother Thomas and Brooke.

Cassie 7 years, our beautiful dog.

Mark, Grant and Gill Xmas 2016

Xmas at Mark and Anna’s 2016, Grant,Sue, Gill, Colleen, Greg and Anna in the front