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welcome to 2018

Jass, in her winning outfit, representing Australia in the figure ice skating competitions!

Hughy playing football!

Thomas with Sophia,
Sophia received an award at the school speech night!

Joslin and Lief, in their school uniforms.

Gumnut dolls, 6″

Bebe looking cool!

Amber posing for a photo shoot!

Grandma’s pavlova Brooke’s favourite!

Brooke’s 21 st dinner with family, Amber her sister on the left!


Sophia in the red!

Hugh (left) enjoying footy with a friend!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new year 2018, I hope this year will bring a year without pain, well less pain anyway!! I had a knee replacement at the end of the year before last, in December, it took a while to get over it but I’m pretty pain free now (in the knee that is, not my back!)

Jim, my husband had his shoulder operated on this December just gone, he is not too bad, it’s been painful but he’s on the mend as he’s back at work.

It’s not a picnic getting older as every thing start to wear out! Still, Jim and I are pretty healthy other than the aches and pains, just keep on being active and don’t give in to it all!

Exercising is the key and doing new things to activate the brain. I started doing cross words and cryptic puzzles this year to help my memory keep active. I need to exercise my body as well, Jim and I always walked everyday, but with the knee problem, I have lost the drive to do it everyday, I promise myself I will be getting back into the swing of it!!

I will be starting classes in early February, but in


the meantime Kathi, one of my students, had a class at her place teaching us cross stitch. Do you know I have never done cross stitch before, all the different craft things I’ve done, this has not been one of them. Knitting has been my thing!

Anyway, I have finished a couple of christmas decorations, which certainly tested my counting skills !

I have  been knitting beaded outfits for 6″ dolls, my class girls are also knitting theirs, which is very rewarding when you’re using very fine needles and tiny beads! 

I’ve also been working on a blanket, which will eventually become a quilt, I have appliqu├ęd the designs with pure wool pieces which is very nice to work with!

It’s a garden theme with different flowers, a wheel barrow, watering can, tools, potted plants, strawberries and birds are yet to be designed, plus maybe a garden bench!

My beautiful grandchildren are all growing up, Brooke has turned 21 years, she’s just finished her subjects for the year at university, which she has done very well in!

Amber is 17 years, she’s doing year 12, plus working part time to earn a bit of money! she also did a modelling course, now she is called on to model at different venues!

Thomas is 16 years, in year 12 and working part time. his interests are sport, socialising and girls!!

Jassy is 15 years, loves school and ice skating which she is a bit of  champion! Won many trophies and represented Australia in the Oceania International Figure Skating! We are so proud of her as she came 5th which is amazing!

Sophia is 13 years,( looks much older) loves school, net ball, music and all girlie things!

Hugh is turning 12 years this weekend! still in primary school  loves all sport, football, soccer, cricket and tennis, plus water sports!

Bebe is 11 years, her interest are acting, singing, dancing and making things!

Lief is 8 years, Loves gardening, swimming, football and all things an 8 year old likes!

Sophia is 6 years, (our baby) she’s still loving dolls and anything that’s in fashion!

That’s all for now folks, hope your all plying the needles and finishing this UFO’S