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Sophia, our grand daughter

Sophia, our Granddaughter , 9 yrs old

Brooke, our Grandaughter, 18 yrs old!

Brooke, our Grandaughter,
18 yrs old! Brooke is on the left!

Helen and her husband Jim, have 5 grown up children, all married with children of their own, plus nine grandchildren ranging from a 4 year old up to the eldest who is 18 years. Her children all have varied occupations, and most run their own businesses.

Helen’s daughter Sue is a trained nurse, who has given this up to become involved in her husband’s business which is growing fast!  Paul’s business, PROSPECT Contractors,  has won large contracts from the government and large mining companies to build  Wetlands, Gabions, Noise Walls, etc. they have 2 daughters Brooke 18 yrs and Amber 15 yrs plus a dog named Miffy!

Greg their eldest son, has his own commercial building business, called Greg Nelson Building Works. Colleen his wife, works for the Anti Cancer Foundation, they have 2 children, Jasmine 12 yrs and Hugh 9 yrs, plus a dog called Mozart and a cat called Leo.

Grant her second son, has his own hairdressing salon in the city, called South 21,  separated, he has one daughter, Bebe 8 yrs old. Grant takes care of Bebe for half the week, then she is with her mother for the other half.

Bebe is well adjusted and is a very happy little girl.

Gareth the 3rd son is an accountant working for a Specials effects film company, whilst his wife Sally, has her own practise in clinical psychology, they have 2 children, Thomas 13 yrs and Sophia 9 yrs, plus a cat, called Stella!

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Jim and Helen with Hugh our grandson, 9 yrs!

Jim and Helen with Hugh our grandson, 9 yrs! on the Voyage of the Seas cruise!

The youngest son, Mark is serving with the Australian Airforce, his wife Anna, is a dental nurse who is taking time out to look after their children, Leif 6 yrs old and the baby Joslin 4 yrs. As you can see we have a very large family, which keeps us busy with the babysitting sessions, plus all the birthdays and family celebrations etc.

Both my husband and I consider we are very blessed!