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I wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with the kit (Gwynneth in the Garden) you put together for me. It was such a pleasant surprise. The last 2 kits I ordered from other people just contained solid YLI ribbon and DMC floss (fortunately the color prints were
beautiful). I like cottages but I love the variety of threads mixed with hand dyed ribbons that you used in Gwynneth in the Garden.

The full size finished color print, the needles that were included, separated threads and ribbons along with directions are very much appreciated!

Thanks again”

Stephanie Williams

Written by Stephanie Williams, Frederick, Maryland, USA.

“From the first moment I saw a beautiful piece of needlework (at a show) I was compelled to ask who had worked the piece! I discovered it was Helen Eriksson. Immediately I arrived home I had to ring her to find out if

I could book in for a lesson! I was thrilled when she said “yes”!

I did feel nervous initially, however, it didn’t take long for me to feel very cosy – Helen’s warm manner put me at ease. I really think the best thing about Helen is her manner and the confidence she instills in one to achieve great results. Oh, and it is rather nice to be treated to a cuppa and cake in lovely surroundings!

If one needs advice on how to put colours together Helen is your girl -not to mention the assortment of favourite, traditional, new and exciting projects that one can anticipate. Her needlework ability with so many mediums is outstanding. If you want to spend the most pleasurable 3 hours why not spoil yourself!”

Written by Terry Jansen, Adelaide, Sth Aust.

“I have had a close association with Helen as a friend, teacher and colleague for many years.
I greatly admire her sense of design and creativity, her meticulous work and her attention to detail.
She is very well respected and much admired for her wonderful talent and for so generously sharing her amazing skills with others.
Her workshops, classes, published projects in many magazines and her very popular book are appreciated by many of her followers.”

Kathy Thompson, ‘Judith & Kathryn Designs’, Adelaide, South Australia

March 2012

“In the silk ribbon embroidery world, Helen Eriksson is a cut above the rest. Helen brings her elegant style to all of her original designs and each is awe inspiring.

Helen is a great instructor and can take a flat length of silk ribbon and turn it into a realistic three dimensional rose in a matter of moments, while describing her techniques as she goes, so that the students can learn how to do it, too. She is supportive and funny and makes sure all in the class are receiving the assistance they need to succeed.

As a silk ribbon embroidery enthusiast and instructor, I have researched and collected books by instructors from all over the world. I have found none that display the quality that Helen demonstrates in her work.

I consider Helen to be a master instructor and envy those who live in Australia and are able to take frequent classes with Helen. As I live in northern California, I don’t have that luxury.
But when she does come to America, it is well worth my time to drive the 10 hours each way, so that I can take a class with Helen, because I know I will learn a lot and have a super time doing it!”

Dale, Northern California, USA

The palette, brush and canvas are an important tool to the painter. Silk ribbon, needles, and threads are just as important to ribbon embroider. Many years ago I purchased a silk ribbon embroidery book titled “Ribbon Renaissance” by Helen Eriksson, never dreaming of one day being able to take several of her classes. She is known internationally for her awesome artistry in silk. Anyone that has taken a class from her never fails.

Helen has a recognizable style of her own. She can captivate you with her artistry in silk comparable to being the Michelangelo of silk ribbon embroidery. Helen’s artistic ability of combining ribbons with threads, beads, wools and many textures are captivating to an artist. Her artistry has been published world wide and she has such a distinctive style that is definitely her own.

There is elegance in her work that is overwhelming with beauty and again “captivates” the viewer. Helen expresses her inner beauty in her work and it shows her sincerity, elegance and love for silk ribbon embroidery.

There are not enough words to express how enamored I am with her artistry in silk!

Karen Fraser, Grass Valley in America 

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