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7mm Kacoonda Ribbon 059


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Kacoonda: 7mm Kacoonda Ribbon 059

The best natural fibres are used to create these beautiful ribbons. Pure silk ribbon is hand dyed to create a unique colour range which will delight the silk ribbon embroiderer.
Over 40 colours to choose from, dusky pinks and mauves to purples and reds, blues and greens all to produce exquisite embroideries, that will inspire and delight you.
With variegated ribbons, the colour may vary slightly with each batch, it’s advisable to purchase the amount required for each project in advance!

Width 7mm
I would recommend using a Chenille Needle No 18 with this width ribbon, always change to the next size up, Chenille No 16 if the ribbon is wearing! $3.30 meter

7mm Kacoonda Ribbon 059 is available in multiples of 1 metre

Additional information

Weight 0.00220462262185 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm