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Beautiful Beading with Judith & Kathryn


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This beautiful book put out by Australian Embroidery & Cross Stitch has 22 projects and 3 inspirational ideas from Judith & Kathryn.

Excerpt from the Introduction at the front of book: “We invite you to walk with us on a beaded journey ghrough floral fields, lost gardens and places where butterflies and dragonflies love to linger, settling on a bead that glistens like a dewdrop. Our journey will take us to Paris where elegant ladies show off their lustrous, beaded finery. Crystals glow and shine on their precious jewellery and their handbags are works of art.”

You can order all of Judith & Kathryn’s silk prints through Helens Eriksson’s Creative Embroidery, or inquire about any of their other products.

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