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Kit: Basket of Pansies


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Everyone loves pansies with their happy faces, worked over a Judith and Kathryn silk print these pansies look like you could pick them from the garden. Spilling out of a twig basket, embroidered with a chenille thread this is a must do project.

The fabulous Hanah ribbons are ideal for pansies as they have darker edges, even different colours on one side of the ribbon, which makes realistic pansies especially for this project.

Hanah ribbons in a few different greens are used for the leaves, complete with a bow at the top of the basket.

Featured in: “Ribbon Renaissance”.

Kit consists of Judith and Kathryn silk print, Hanah ribbons, Chenille thread, YLI  silk ribbons, Mokuba ribbon, threads, needles, instructions, illustrations & pattern, and full coloured laser picture.

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Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm